Mums are the perfect flower for Fall landscaping projects - ask Benjamin Lawn & Landscape for a free landscaping estimate! 913-499-6013Although most people tend to kick off lawn renovations in the Spring, Autumn is a much better time to plan for next year’s perfect backyard. As the temperatures drop, new plants, trees, and grass seed have a chance to establish their root systems without struggling through the summer heat.

This summer was HOT, and if you’re like most of us, your lawn probably looks a little rough around the edges. The good news is that through the fall and winter months, your grass growth will slow to a crawl as the roots take a break to re-establish themselves. With these last few mows, some fertilization, a little rain and some leaf cleanup, those crispy edges will disappear in no time!

A good winterizing fertilizer is the best way to thicken your lawn and prepare your grass for next spring. We cannot stress enough how important it is to fertilize your lawn during the fall season – it is the most important treatment of the whole year! If you aren’t already on our regular lawn treatment program, please call us right away to schedule an appointment!

Grass roots aren’t the only thing to worry about either … establishing a stable root system to prepare for winter is equally important for plants and shrubs, especially if they’re new to your yard. Fall-planted shrubs, perennials, and trees enjoy the warm soil and cooler air temperatures needed to establish a good foot hold in your landscape. And by the time next summer arrives, they will be prepared for the stress of the summer heat. It’s for this reason that some of the nicest yards we see in Kansas City are those that planned ahead in the fall.

If you haven’t already made a list, need a little help getting started, or are just looking for some fresh ideas, here are some great landscaping tips:

  • Plant some mums and ornamental grasses for color and interest. These perennials can provide instant interest and will have a chance to properly establish themselves now for future years of enjoyment.
  • Plant some pansies! They will add a bright splash of color to your fall landscape and will over-winter under the snow to provide beauty next March, April and May!
  • Plant a tree or flowering shrubs. Many trees and shrubs are at their best in the fall season for providing color, and there are several varieties to choose from: try shrubs like Itea, Clethra and Viburnum, or trees like Maple and Dogwood for an instant landscaping boost!
  • Evergreens are also great for fall planting (not to mention, they are ideal for hanging holiday lights!).
  • A light layer of mulch can provide some protection for plants for the winter season while providing some color and texture now to the fall landscape.
  • Plant spring flowering bulbs during September, October and November. Whether you choose daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, or crocus, these bulbs will produce beautiful flowers next spring!

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