It’s official … Fall has arrived! The summer heat has already started to fade, and cooler temperatures are right around the corner. Now is the perfect time to start planning for the fall landscaping season … and we don’t just mean mums and pumpkins!

Fall Lawn Preparation

Plants and trees aren’t the only things that need some attention in the next few months … the grass shouldn’t be ignored either. After the record-breaking temperatures this summer and the scorched lawns that went along with it, green grass will be a welcome sight in 2013. Preparing your yard for the winter season is critical to ensure a beautiful lawn next spring.

Grass can be a little sneaky during the winter months. Although it looks dormant, lawn roots are actually growing deeper in the soil to prepare for the cold winter temperatures. To help those little roots along, why not apply a fall fertilizer to provide essential nutrients? The timing couldn’t be better! Feeding your lawn this fall will give your grass the extra boost it needs to survive (and thrive) through the winter.

Landscaping Maintenance

Fall landscapingWith this year’s drought, many trees really took a beating … some even losing leaves in the summer months. Without proper care, trees and shrubs can suffer significant damage through the winter. Ice and snow can easily break already weakened limbs, and can cause significant property damage to your home, car, fence, etc. And worse, some broken limbs (if big enough) can necessitate full tree removal … it’s costly, time consuming, and can ruin the look of your landscape.

Make a point to thoroughly inspect your trees and shrubs for dead limbs this fall. It’s important to carefully trim back dead branches and overgrowth before the weather changes.

As for pruning hedges, that’s something that’s often best left for a professional to handle … remember when your mom cut your bangs on picture day? (yikes!) Once the leaves have turned color, Benjamin’s team can properly trim back your bushes to help prepare them for next season. Just give us a call to set up an appointment!