Did you know that you can transform that unused patio or backyard space into a relaxing outdoor living space? We’ve put together a few helpful tips that you can use to improve your outdoor spaces without necessarily spending a fortune or reconstructing your entire home.

1# Make a Plan:

It’s important to take a look at the space available and the features around it. How can you benefit from it? Do you love preparing your meals outdoors? Do you envision spending your evening under the stars after a long day, or will you use the space for family BBQ’s and parties with friends? The answers to these questions will help you to really understand your specific taste and preferences. Be sure to have a list of must-haves before you transform your space to save money and get the best bang for your buck!

2# Light It Up!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could actually use your patio or deck as a relaxing retreat after a long day at work? After the sun goes down, all you need is some well-placed lighting to give it some evening ambience … well that, and maybe a little bug spray! Try to avoid harsh spotlights in your outdoor space as they tend to attract insects and focus a lot of harsh light into a small space. Instead, use fire pits, candles, solar-powered pathway lights and lanterns. Be creative and place lights to highlight the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

3# Add Some Seats:

It goes without saying that outdoor living spaces needs ample seating. There is no shortage of patio furniture styles (and price points) that you can use to create a comfortable outdoor space. Armchairs, hammocks, and sofas are all great choices for relaxing on the deck or patio. And dining sets are perfect for family meals. You can easily arrange benches and chairs to encourage conversation … just ensure that the seats fit well in your space to avoid congestion.

4# Create Some Shade:

Virtually all outdoor living spaces need some shade … especially here in Kansas City. If you’re lucky enough to have some big trees overhead, you can enjoy your outdoor space all day. But if not, you might need a patio umbrella or two to help transform your space. If you prefer a more natural look, we can help with some tall landscaping to make some shady spots! We can also create some natural borders with hardscaping, and block unwanted views with trees and shrubs.

6# Finishing Touches:

It is a good idea to revamp the beauty and elegance of your outdoor living spaces with a few well-placed accessories. Colorful outdoor rugs and patterned chair cushions and throw pillows are a nice touch. And potted plants look great too!
It doesn’t take much to transform an outdoor living space, and there’s still plenty of summer left to enjoy your backyard! We’d love to help with mulch, landscaping, or hardscaping … just give us a call to get started!