Is there a bright, sunny spot in your yard that you think would be perfect for a beautiful, ornamental tree? We have the perfect suggestion: Prairie Fire Crabapple. You’ve certainly come across at least one or two already this season … they’re hard to miss. With beautiful pinkish-red flowers, these trees make a statement every spring!

The Prairie Fire Crabapple is a perfect choice for almost any landscape. It’s smaller shape and manageable size allow it to be planted in areas where most trees would grow too large to fit properly. On average, these trees grow only 20 feet high, with branches that spread into an equally round shape. This makes them an ideal choice to plant in groups too. With its colorful foliage and reddish colored bark, the Prairie Fire Crabapple provides a nice contrast to surrounding shrubs and trees.

The most striking features of this ornamental tree are its flowers and leaves. Through the Spring and into the Summer, the bright, vibrant blooms attract butterflies and birds. The flowers are a bright pink and as the seasons change, the leaves slowly turn to a deep purple.

Prairie Fire Crabapple Leaf

After the blooming has ended, these trees produce a small cherry-shaped crabapple. These little apples that dangle from the branches attract birds and other wildlife well into the winter months. And in the fall, the Prairie Fire’s leaves will change again into a vibrant orange color.

CrabapplesGenerally speaking, the Prairie Fire is a pretty low maintenance tree … that is, if you don’t mind a few crabapples in your lawn. The one thing you do need to look out for, however, is damage from disease. These trees are particularly susceptible to fireblight – a bacterial infection. The symptoms include dried, brown tips on new leaf shoots and flower clusters that look scorched with brown/black shriveled edges. If you should see any signs of infection, cut back the affected branch 3-4 inches during the dormant winter season to stop the spread of the disease.

Every landscape can benefit from a Prairie Fire Crabapple. It’s signature color makes a beautiful addition to any yard, and it’s why this little tree has become one of our all-time favorites!


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