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Summer Landscaping Ideas

Posted By : | Date : 06-22-2015· 6 Comments

Summer Landscaping Ideas

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Summer Landscaping Ideas
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With the uncharacteristically wet spring we had this year, it’s taken a little longer than normal for everything to dry out! But thankfully, summer is FINALLY here, and now many of our customers are calling with requests for new landscaping/hardscaping projects. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular requests to give you some ideas about how you can transform your own backyard spaces without breaking the bank:

1. Incorporating new colors into your garden can be a great way to bring your landscaping to life. Bold colors can brighten up a big space and provide a welcoming atmosphere for your yard. It’s not too late to add some potted plants to your deck or patio, especially with Fall right around the corner … in no time, we’ll be seeing mums at our favorite garden centers!

2. Sidewalks from your garage to the backyard are usually pretty boring, but thankfully concrete isn’t your only option. We can help you create custom pathways with flagstone, river rock, or other natural stone to completely transform your walkways. See something you like on Pinterest? Send us a link! We’d love some Pinspiration!

3. Borders can make all the difference. Sometimes all it takes is a little edging to transform a space. We can border trees, create island spaces for plants and flowers in your yard, or even setup a special area just for the BBQ. There are a ton of different options when it comes to borders, so let us know what you’re looking for!

4. We can’t help with this one, but it’s a great idea … if you’re working on a tight budget, you might consider painting your patio in a new color using concrete paint to freshen up your outdoor space. You can even try a pattern for a totally unique look. The same is true for decks … there are many new products available that can completely restore older decking. Be creative with new stains and paints to revitalize your outdoor space!

5. With new borders, walkways, and outdoor living spaces, lighting is a must! We don’t sell outdoor lights, but they’re easy to find at most garden centers and home improvement stores. Solar lighting is an especially cost-effective way to illuminate your garden. You can illuminate all the key outdoor features and enjoy your yard long after sunset.

Have other ideas? We’d love to hear them – just leave a comment below.

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Summer Landscaping Ideas
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6 Responses to “Summer Landscaping Ideas”
  1. Tobias Armstrong says:

    I’d never thought about something as simple as changing up the borders. I’ve been trying to figure out ways to fix up my back yard for ages, and this might just do the trick. I’m also looking at doing some other work with the painting too, so hopefully together it’ll make a big difference. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Faylinn says:

    This summer, I really want to get to work on my landscaping, because my yard is not cared for at all. I definitely don’t have any borders around anything, other than the fence that is around the property, and so I really appreciate that idea. I definitely think that it would be great to create an island space just for the BBQ, because there is very little room for it on my patio.

  3. Janette says:

    I actually own a landscaping biz with my brother and I can say first hand that point #1 and #3 are money makers in and of themselves if you are selling your home. we recently did a landscaping project for a couple that was selling their home for $385k or so and they ended up selling for closer to $400k after we did some landscaping – new colors and flowers in the garden, a flagstone patio area to partition their backyard area – small things like this article says go a long way.

    thanks for the article

  4. Kendall Ryder says:

    Bringing in new colors into your yard is a good idea. That way, you can add in something different. Plus, colors are perfect for the spring and summer months. It would look so pretty to have bright and colorful flowers and plants. That way, you can prevent your yard from looking boring and dull.

  5. Joe says:

    Creating a nice pathway can add such a nice touch to any backyard! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Adam says:

    Love the tips, great ideas. thanks!

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