One of the biggest concerns we hear from customers is that their lawn looks dry, with dead-looking patches or even “bald spots.” Given the heat this time of year, it’s not surprising that they conclude their lawns must need more water, but in many cases this is exactly the wrong thing to do! Daily watering can be excessive and even harmful to your grass in some cases (not to mention expensive!).

Over-watering Can Damage Your Lawn!

If your grass isn’t springing back after you step on it, or individual blades are curling up at the edge, your lawn may appear to be “wilting” under the heat. But don’t assume that you need to crank up the sprinklers for another dose of H20 … especially if you’ve been watering daily. These are both signs of over-watering, and continued soaking will only make the problem worse. If you’ve been watering regularly, take a day or two off, and see if the situation improves. Chances are pretty good that a little drying time will clear up the problem.

Over-watered lawns are susceptible to fungal infectionsFungal growth can also contribute to dry, dead-looking patches of grass. Since fungal infections thrive in moist, humid environments, over-watered lawns provide the perfect environment for a fungus to spread. Scale back to prevent further growth, and adjust your watering time to the early morning. This will give your lawn the best chance to dry out quickly with the morning sun.

A more obvious sign of over-watering is the squishy sound you may hear when walking across your lawn. At a certain point, your grass simply can’t absorb all the water you’re giving it … and if the problem is severe enough, you will even start to see areas of runoff on the street, your driveway, or other parts of your lawn.

Our best advice is to give your lawn only enough water to keep it healthy through the summer season. A deep soak two or three times per week is recommended for most lawns. By cutting back a bit on your watering schedule you will prevent disease, and save money … it’s a win-win!


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