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Watering Trees and Shrubs

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Watering Plants and Shrubs

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Watering Trees and Shrubs
Watering Trees and Shrubs
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It’s so easy to forget about watering trees and shrubs … especially when it’s so hot outside that you feel like your brain is melting. But just because that giant Oak in your front yard has been there forever, doesn’t mean it always will be. Just like your lawn, your landscaping needs some love this summer.

Water Trees and Shrubs to keep them healthy all summer long!Watering trees and shrubs is essential to maintain their health, but it needs to be done properly. For example, watering lightly everyday will create a shallow, weak root system and an unstable (not to mention unhappy) plant. Watering compacted clay-like soil (even slowly and less often) will lead to puddling and runoff, reduce air and water penetration, and stall overall root growth. Too much water can damage the root system, so be careful! You need to find the right balance that works best for your tress, shrubs, and soil composition to keep your plants as healthy as possible.

Generally speaking, most experts agree that watering slowly for a longer period of time (set the hose to trickle), and letting the soil dry out completely before watering again is the best plan. Deep, less frequent watering encourages strong root systems that can tolerate longer periods of drought.

you water is as important as when and how much you soak your plants. For trees, your best bet is to water at the edge of the canopy … not at the base of the trunk. For shrubs, a soaker hose laid out around the perimeter is best. Water deep and water long (30-60 minutes) once every couple of weeks to keep your plants happy. They’ll have strong roots, and produce beautiful stems, leaves, and blooms to thank you.

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Watering Trees and Shrubs
Watering Trees and Shrubs
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