Grub Control is Essential for a Healthy Lawn - Call Benjamin Lawn and Landscape for more info!Let’s be honest, grubs are gross … not to mention creepy. If you’ve never seen one, you’re lucky. These little pests live and feed underground, lurking just below the surface of your lawn. They hatch from beetle eggs laid in the soil, and the larvae feed on turf roots as they develop. With a large enough infestation, this can become a really serious problem for your lawn. As feeding increases, your lawn’s root system is destroyed and your grass can no longer properly absorb water.

What makes these icky little pests so creepy is that they’re silent killers. Even if your lawn looks healthy on the surface, grubs can still be feeding on the root system down below. It’s important to pull back a little patch of grass now and again to look for grubs. If you see more than 6 per square foot, you need a grub control intervention ASAP!

Although their damage is often invisible from the surface, the occasional signs and symptoms of grub infestation may appear. Be on the lookout for:

• “Spongy” Turf – ground that feels spongy when you walk over it
• Dead turf that can be rolled up easily (like a loose carpet)
• Irregular brown patches throughout your lawn

Proper treatment with a chemical insecticide is really the best way to regain control of an infested yard. The treatment is absorbed by the root system, and the grubs are killed as they feed on the roots. For best results, your lawn should be treated before beetle eggs hatch, but if you’ve already got them, treatment is still effective … you might just have a little landscaping repair work to undo the damage caused by the grubs munching on your roots.

Call Benjamin Lawn & Landscape to schedule a lawn inspection today. Even if it’s late in the season, scheduling properly timed treatments can make all the difference in protecting your lawn for years to come.


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