Thanks for taking the time to learn more about our family-owned business! Benjamin Lawn & Landscape, LLC is owned and operated by Benjamin and Heather Brasel. You can learn about how Ben built this company starting when he was a 14-year-old at Mission Valley, but we’re most proud of where we are today. And it’s the people you see on this page (as well as our teammates out in the field) that are the reason why. Our team enjoys working together and we take great pride in serving customers that are also our neighbors. Our service area is where we live, go to school, buy groceries, walk our dogs, and spend the majority of our time. Meet your neighbors and members of our management team below:

Javier Lugardo

Javier LugardoJavier is BL&L’s Account Manager extraordinaire! In this role, he meets with customers to listen to their concerns, provide them with recommendations, and then oversees the work to make sure it is done right! However, some would argue that his most important role at BL&L is heading up our indoor soccer team with his mad foot skills and strategic play. As a life-long fan of soccer (go Real Madrid!), you can often find Javi on the pitch when he’s not at home with his wife and 2 kids, a chihuahua named Frankenstein, and his daughter’s cat “Princess Pearl of the Sea”.

KCMO has been Javier’s home for 10 years after growing up in Mexico. He has been a member of the BL&L team since 2018 and most appreciates the company’s goals of high-quality services, reliability, and efficiency. His favorite service offering?? Well, it’s the jungle clean-up! There is nothing like seeing a property so drastically transformed as when our team comes in to cut out overgrowth and get things back into tip-top shape!

Javier’s Favorites:

  • Movie: The Matrix
  • Food: Chicken Fried Steak or Milanesa
  • KC Spotlight: KC Joe’s

Linda Birkenmeier

Linda BirkenmeierLinda is the master of all things behind the scenes here at BL&L. As the CSR Manager, Linda is an expert in everything from fertilizer applications to knowing where to get the best burritos in town for our hard-working crews! She helps get new customers set up with the services they need, makes sure the correct communication goes out in advance or after those services, and works with our crew members to make sure services are done to company standards and employee expectations. And if you catch her on the phone at just the right time, you may even get to meet her 3-legged, very vocal feline office partner, Thelmalousie.

As a life-long Kansas Citian, you can find Linda gardening in her KCMO yard with her Weinmaraner Whiskey Rye at her side, enjoying performances at the KC Ballet, Rep, Actors Theater or Theater League KC, or cheering on the Chiefs, Royals, Sporting, or the KC Currents. She also enjoys traveling with her best travel partner – her Momma!

Linda has been with BL&L since 2018 and enjoys our BL&L team, as well as educating folks about lawn care – especially new homeowners. Here’s some hints for Linda’s favorite service offering – Beautiful time of year. Lawns suffocating under layers of leaves. Our crews arrive, get to work, and then “POOF” – a nice green lawn that can breathe again! It’s Leaf Removal and it makes her happy to see the pretty lawns after they are hidden from sight.

Linda’s Favorites:

  • Activity: Hiking w/ her pup
  • Book: To Kill a Mockingbird
  • KC Spotlight: Picnicking and People watching at the Nelson Adkins lawn

Carly Jones

Carly JonesCarly is BL&L’s Customer Service Representative. If you give a call or send an email to BL&L, there’s a good chance that Carly is going to put her expertise into play and get you want you need! An excellent communicator and organizer, she helps keep everyone on the same page and helps to keep our landscape maintenance crews informed and running smoothly. Similar to what she does with her family of 4 and their pup, Oakley at their home in Prairie Village! These skills also come into play on the sand volleyball pit, where her team continues to dominate their league after years of playing together.

Since 2019, Carly has worked with BL&L and has two things she likes most about her job: the people she works with and driving through town and seeing the beautiful lawns/landscapes we service. Curbside Leaf Removal is her favorite service because she uses it herself and it saves her hours of work in keeping her lawn healthy and pretty in the fall!

Carly’s Favorites:

  • Team: Chiefs
  • Dessert: Brownies or Cheesecake
  • KC Spotlight: Fishing/Camping at local lakes

Heather Brasel

Heather BraselAs co-owner of BL&L with her husband, Heather Brasel can most commonly be found behind a computer in her role as the bookkeeper. While her love of plants brought her into the company, it’s her skills with the numbers that keep her busy! Outside of work, she is kept even busier with their two dogs, multiple cats, and the activities and interests of their two daughters. And every once and awhile, she gets out to the woods to hike with her dogs and is in her happy place.

Heather joined BL&L in 2011, shortly after marrying “Benjamin” behind BL&L. They desired to build a family-run business that provided services to help ease the demand on people’s time and energy and provided good jobs to hard-working people. Striving to meet those goals is easier than it has ever been, thanks to the management team, great field staff, and her hard-working hubby!

Her favorite BL&L service is Monthly Bed Maintenance because she knows how hard it is to keep plants and landscape beds looking great all year, but how happy a neat and beautiful landscape makes people. And if our crews can help bring a smile to our customers’ faces while reducing one more thing on their “to-do” list, then it’s a winner!

Heather’s Favorites:

  • Music: The Beatles
  • Food: Indian (Achuri or Korma)
  • KC Spotlight: Union Station and the Streetcar

Benjamin Brasel

Benjamin Brasel

As a young 14 year-old, Ben decided to walk his mower around to neighbor’s yards and see who’d hire him for the summer. His business grew and he loaded that mower into the back of his Cutlass Supreme, then a Ford Ranger, then a Dodge Dakota and eventually a truck and trailer, all while furthering his education at Corinth, Shawnee Mission East, JCCC, and KU. Many years, trucks, and trailers later, he is proud to own and operate Benjamin Lawn & Landscape.

Ben has a drive to create something meaningful with BL&L, beyond the joy that a nice lawn or landscape can provide our customers. He feels great reward in providing good jobs to hardworking individuals, fostering a sense of camaraderie and accomplishment within the team. Knowing that hard work helps our customers meet their needs – whether freeing up time to spend with their family, doing work they can’t or don’t want to do, or just simply enjoying their outdoor space without a long to-do list to accomplish first – makes Ben proud of the company he has built over the last three decades.

Ben’s favorite service is also Curbside Leaf Removal – mainly because he loves to watch the big vacuums and trucks do their thing!

Ben’s Favorites:

  • Activity: Playing and listening to music
  • Food: Practically ALL food, especially Mexican, Chinese, BBQ, Pizza, Casseroles, Big crazy salads with lots of Ranch ????
  • KC Spotlight: “Sunday Driving” around the different neighborhoods



Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

We do not require a contract for any of our services. You are welcome to change or adjust your services any time during the season to fit your lawn's needs.

Yes, Benjamin Lawn & Landscape is Licensed, bonded, and insured.

Yes, our fertilizer and weed control applications are very safe for children and pets, but please note: the products we use must be watered in for 10-15 minutes and then allowed to dry thoroughly (at least 2 hours) BEFORE allowing pets or kiddos onto the yard. And if you have a pup that tends to eat grass, do NOT leave them unattended in treated lawns for two days after the application.

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