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Watering Instructions

Proper watering is the most important step in establishing your new lawn. Follow the instructions outlined below, and your new grass should begin to germinate in about two weeks (depending on soil temperatures). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Before we seed: Please water in the weeks and days leading up to your lawn renovation. Starting with thirsty soil will make it very difficult to keep your new seedlings moist enough to thrive. If the soil is too dry when your lawn is seeded, any water added to the soil after seeding will be quickly absorbed by the existing trees and grass leaving very little moisture for your delicate new seeds. 1.5” – 2” of water per zone per week, including rain, is ideal.

Right away: Water as soon as you can after we seed. Water for approximately 10 minutes per zone but be sure the water doesn’t pool or wash away the seeds. A good soaking on your fresh seeds is very important.

Until your new grass needs to be mowed: Water lightly, one to two times per day in absence of rain – probably 5-8 minutes in each zone. The key is to make sure that the seeds don’t dry out while at the same time, not washing away the seeds. Mow the lawn gently when the new grass is 3”-4” tall. Mow to a height of 2.5” – 3”.

After the new grass has been mowed twice: Water a little longer, but less frequently as your grass gets established (probably 10-15 minutes per zone every 2-3 days, depending on rain and temperatures.) The goal is to water beyond the root zone which is about as deep as the grass is tall.

Through fall until the ground is frozen: Your lawn needs about 1” of water, including rain and snow, per week.

Through winter: Your lawn even needs water in the winter. On a nice day, drag the hoses out and give it a drink. A good rule of thumb is if any exposed dirt is powdery, water your grass, trees, and shrubs. 1” of water per month will help tremendously.

Through Spring: Ideally, your lawn needs about 1” of water per week, including rain and snow.

Through the hot part of summer: Your lawn needs about 1.5” – 2” of water, including rain, per week.*

*The best way to determine the amount of water you are getting is with a rain gauge in the lawn or a vertical sided cup such as a tin can. Time how long your sprinkler takes to fill up the cup to 1” of water. Be sure to deduct for rain!


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