The Benefits of Over-Seeding Your Lawn

If your goal is to get grass that’s as lush, green and healthy as possible, over-seeding in the late summer / early Fall is a must. This process is not as quick and simple as just spreading grass seed on your current lawn. Proper seed-to-soil contact is critical in getting proper germination. We use a machine called a verticutter, which puts shallow slits in the soil, which the seeds fall into. Seed-to-soil contact combined with proper watering practically guarantee success. So, if you want grass that you’ll be proud to have in your yard – not to mention a lawn that will impress your neighbors and the HOA — over-seeding is a good start.

Why Over-Seeding Works So Well

The reason that over-seeding is a necessity is that older plants tend to reduce their rate of reproduction over time, and with grass, this means fewer blades on the lawn. Younger grass produces new blades faster, so when you lay down new seed (and water properly), your lawn will begin to fill in quickly with green, healthy grass. As a bonus, the newer grass that grows after over-seeding will be more resistant to the damage done by insects, drought and diseases.

How to Know When To Over-Seed Your Lawn

Put simply, if your lawn is not as thick and healthy as you’d like it to be, over-seeding is likely your best option to solve the problem. More specifically, if your grass is experiencing any of the following problems, over-seeding should help:

  • It has bare patches.
  • It’s turning yellow or brown.
  • It’s been weakened by disease or fungal infection.
  • It’s been damaged by insects.

If you’ve determined that over-seeding is what your Kansas City lawn needs, you should make sure it’s done at the right time of year. In general, late summer / early fall is the best time of year for over-seeding grass. It is possible to overseed in the spring as well, but spring weed pressure, combined with the impending heat of summer, makes spring seeding difficult.

If you’re not sure how to get started on this project, you need the help of an experienced Kansas City landscaping company. We are always happy to help you get the healthy, green grass you’ve always wanted. We can also provide aeration services for your lawn. Just give us a call to get started!


Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

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