Kansas City Mosquito Control from Benjamin Lawn & Landscape

Nothing puts a damper on outdoor fun like the relentless buzz of mosquitoes. Not only are they a nuisance, but they also pose a genuine health risk. At Benjamin Lawn & Landscape, we understand your concerns. Our seasonal pest control treatment plan will ensure your backyard remains safe and comfortable, instead of becoming a breeding ground for mosquitos and other pests.

Why Choose Benjamin Lawn & Landscape for Mosquito Extermination?

  • We’re Local Experts: Kansas City has its unique challenges when it comes to mosquito infestations. Our team understands the local environment, providing you with an unmatched mosquito extermination service.
  • Comprehensive Treatment: Our approach isn’t just about repelling mosquitos; it’s about eliminating them. We ensure that the breeding grounds in your backyard are addressed, cutting the problem off at its source.
  • Safety First: The health and safety of your family is our top priority. Our effective mosquito control methods are designed to be safe for children, pets, and the environment.

Is It Worth Spraying Your Yard for Mosquitos?

Absolutely. Mosquitos are more than just annoying. They can transmit diseases like West Nile virus, Zika, and more. With our services, you don’t just get rid of mosquitos; you protect your family’s health.

Can You Treat the Backyard for Other Pests Too?

Yes. While backyards can often become a breeding ground for mosquitos, they aren’t the only problem. Our safe and effective treatment also protects your family from fleas, ticks, chiggers and more. We’ll thoroughly inspect your yard for any problem areas like stagnant water in plant saucers and clogged gutters to be sure our pest control treatment is as effective as possible.

How Long Does Mosquito Defense Treatment Last?

Our treatments provide up to 28-days of protection against mosquitos, fleas, ticks, chiggers and more. Regularly scheduled treatments every 3-4 weeks from April through October will ensure consistent pest protection, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor spaces all summer long.

What Do Professionals at Benjamin Lawn & Landscape Use for Effective Mosquito Control?

We use a blend of tried-and-true methods coupled with the latest in pest control technology. Every treatment is tailored to your specific landscape and its challenges.

There’s no reason your family should be held hostage by mosquitos in your own backyard. Choose Benjamin Lawn & Landscape to eliminate the problem and reclaim your outdoor space! Contact us today to get started.


Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

We do not require a contract for any of our services. You are welcome to change or adjust your services any time during the season to fit your lawn's needs.

Yes, Benjamin Lawn & Landscape is Licensed, bonded, and insured.

Yes, our fertilizer and weed control applications are very safe for children and pets, but please note: the products we use must be watered in for 10-15 minutes and then allowed to dry thoroughly (at least 2 hours) BEFORE allowing pets or kiddos onto the yard. And if you have a pup that tends to eat grass, do NOT leave them unattended in treated lawns for two days after the application.

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