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10 Best Plants for Summer Blooms

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Kansas City summers are HOT, and they can take a real toll on some plants, so we've prepared a list of the 10 best plants for summer blooms that can take the heat. Try these long-blooming annuals and perennials for…

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Lilacs: Featured Plant of the Month

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Lilac flowers

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After a long, cold winter there's something truly glorious about the way the world finally bursts into bloom in early May. Bulbs and flower are popping up everywhere, and the world is good and green again. It's easy to get…

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Daffodils: Featured Plant of the Month

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Field of Daffodils

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Few flowers are as cheerful as the yellow daffodil in mid-spring, and their unique shape trumpets the arrival of warmer weather like no other bloom can. Daffodils come in a variety of sizes and colors, and some have a light,…

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Lenten Rose: Featured Plant of the Month

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Lenten Rose

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Though the first day of spring is in March, the weather outside sometimes takes a few weeks to get the memo. While Southern gardens are in full swing, Zone 5 and 6 planters still have a few weeks to go…

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Sweet Peas: Featured Plant of the Month

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Flowering Sweet Peas in bloom

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February is usually a gray, dismal month in the garden, with many plants dead or dormant from the cold winter weather. Look a little more closely though, and you'll notice that the days are getting longer, and the afternoon sun…

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How to Keep Houseplants Alive and Thriving

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Houseplants in the window

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Adding a bit of greenery to your home can give your decor a natural boost and even help you relax and be more productive. Houseplants are also great at purifying the air in your home so you can breathe clean…

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Winterberry: Featured Plant of the Month

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Winterberry - Featured Plant of the Month

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When the holiday lights come down and the gray days of January settle in, there's not much color to enjoy in the landscape -- unless you plan ahead. Though flowers can't survive the cold of midwinter, a few fruits can…

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Holly: Featured Plant of the Month

Posted By : | Date : 12-06-2016· 2 Comments 

Holly berries

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When it's time to deck the halls with boughs of Holly, the task is much easier when you grow your own! Holly is a wonderful plant to add winter interest in your landscape, since it holds on to its deep,…

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Put Your Garden to Bed for the Winter

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Frost covered garden

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As fall rushes in, it's time to think about putting your garden to bed for the winter. From the fall cleanup to preparing a layered compost pile, you can get that garden in shape before the winter rain and snow…

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Red Twig Dogwood: Featured Plant of the Month

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Red Twig dogwood shrub

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Flowering plants are nearly impossible to come by in November, and leafy ones are all but spent, with just a few withered yellow or brown stalwarts hanging on for dear life. As autumn wears on, most gardeners are calling it…

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