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Top 5 Gardening Trends of 2017

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Like anything else, gardening is subject to design trends that change with the times. Victorians had their greenhouses filled with tropical plants, while mid-century Americans loved their clipped hedges and cement patios. So what's hot right now? Pinterest boards are…

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10 Best Plants for Summer Blooms

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Kansas City summers are HOT, and they can take a real toll on some plants, so we've prepared a list of the 10 best plants for summer blooms that can take the heat. Try these long-blooming annuals and perennials for…

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How to Keep Houseplants Alive and Thriving

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Adding a bit of greenery to your home can give your decor a natural boost and even help you relax and be more productive. Houseplants are also great at purifying the air in your home so you can breathe clean…

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Put Your Garden to Bed for the Winter

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As fall rushes in, it's time to think about putting your garden to bed for the winter. From the fall cleanup to preparing a layered compost pile, you can get that garden in shape before the winter rain and snow…

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How to Grow Vegetables in a Small Space

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There's nothing like the taste of freshly picked vegetables on your plate. Did you know you can grow a surprising amount in a small space? Even if your backyard is tiny, or you just have one little raised bed to…

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What is Companion Planting, and Can it Make My Garden Better?

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When you think of the perfect garden, you might imagine rows of identical plants. This arrangement might work well in Farmville, but in the real world you can get much better results from a mix-and-match configuration. With companion planting, you…

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10 New Gardening Tips and Tricks

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With the multitude of gardening advice out there, it probably comes as no surprise that there are some strange-but-true tips you haven't come across yet. From fish heads to old cotton socks (yes, we said socks!), here are 10 new…

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