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    Benjamin B. Brasel, Owner

  • Leaf Removal

    We know how many leaves you get in this area, and we are well equipped to deal with them. With our full-service leaf removal service, we blow all of your leaves out to the street and suck them up with a giant vacuum truck. We then mow and bag your lawn to make it leaf free.

    Benjamin Lawn and Landscape offers affordable leaf removal services - ask about our neighborhood discount programs!Want to save even more money on leaf removal? Rake them to the curb and give us a call. We’ll come suck them up.

    Benjamin Lawn & Landscape also offers a group rate for residential curbside leaf removal in neighborhoods throughout the Kansas City area. With the help of several homeowner’s associations, we’ve scheduled two convenient pickup dates this fall and offer discounted pricing for each.

    We currently provide discounted Fall leaf removal services for the following neighborhoods, but individual appointments are always available. Please give us a call to schedule an appointment!

    Pickup Guidelines:

    • Benjamin Lawn & Landscape trucks are equipped with a side mount vacuum that is designed to pull alongside a long row of leaves. We ask residents to please rake leaves into a pile along the curb (at edge of the lawn) that is as long and narrow as possible. The machines can reach 8 feet into the yard so leaves beyond 8 feet may not be removed.
    • Leaves should be raked up to the edge of the lawn as noted above. It is very important that you DO NOT rake leaves into the street or gutter and DO NOT block the sidewalk.
    • Leaves only please! Remove any sticks, rocks, trash, and other debris from the leaves to be collected.
    • Do not block the leaves with vehicles on collection day.