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Lawn Winterization Treatment

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You may have noticed that your lawn isn’t growing nearly as fast as it was over the summer ... and for those of you who mow your own lawn, it’s probably been quite a relief! Don’t worry though, this is…

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Fall Landscaping 101

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Although most people tend to kick off lawn renovations in the Spring, Autumn is a much better time to plan for next year’s perfect backyard. As the temperatures drop, new plants, trees, and grass seed have a chance to establish…

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Rescue the Fescue! It’s Time for a Fall Lawn Overhaul!

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Didn't have time to water this summer, and now your lawn is looking a little "toasty?" Maybe you're even seeing a few bald spots in the grass from the extreme heat or insect damage? Don't worry ... you're not alone.…

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Grub Control

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Let’s be honest, grubs are gross ... not to mention creepy. If you’ve never seen one, you’re lucky. These little pests live and feed underground, lurking just below the surface of your lawn. They hatch from beetle eggs laid in…

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Watering Trees and Shrubs

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It’s so easy to forget about watering trees and shrubs ... especially when it’s so hot outside that you feel like your brain is melting. But just because that giant Oak in your front yard has been there forever, doesn’t…

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Lawn Mowing Essentials

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Now that summer has arrived in Kansas City, it’s especially tempting to mow your lawn as short as possible just to delay the next mow for a few days. After all, in temperatures exceeding 100 degrees, who really wants to…

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Maintaining a Healthy Lawn: Summer Lawn Care Tips

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One of the biggest concerns we hear from customers is that their lawn looks dry, with dead-looking patches or even “bald spots.” Given the heat this time of year, it’s not surprising that they conclude their lawns must need more…

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